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A Massage Comparison: Outcall v. Parlors

Are you interested in having a relaxing massage? Who doesn’t? If you are ready to take the plunge and book yourself a session, you may have contemplated hiring a private masseuse to do the job. What are the benefits over a massage parlor appointment? You’d be pretty surprised. Here are some reasons why outcall sessions surpass parlor ones by far.

You Have The Pick Of Your Provider

When you go to a parlor, you might not have the option of picking out the exact person who will provide you with a massage. Sure, you may be able to request a particular masseuse, but what if she isn’t available? What if she becomes booked or calls out sick? What if you don’t get to pick at all? Then you could have someone totally different that you wish for. When you book an outcall provider, you get to pick out the exact woman who will touch your body. This will enhance the experience by far because you’ll be drawn to this masseuse purely because of her beauty. It’s easy to find a massage artist. Just look through the profiles on our page and imagine each woman giving you a massage session. Which one makes your heart beat faster when you think about this? That’s the one you want to book!

There Are No Nudity Rules To Abide By

When you go to a massage parlor, there’s plenty of rules in place that you need to adhere to. For example, you may be able to strip down to no clothing, but you will be covered until a particular portion of your body is to be worked on. Only then will your covering be removed from that spot. It will quickly be put back into place after your massage artist tends to this part. When you hire a personal masseuse from our service, not only will you be completely nude for your session, but she will as well! That’s something you won’t ever get at a parlor legally. You won’t even need to ask her to strip down…she’ll do it willingly! She’ll use her body to your advantage to get you ready for the work on your body to come.

Comfort, Intimacy, And So Much More

At a massage parlor, your masseuse is there to provide you with relaxation to your body professionally and clinically. When you hire an outcall escort to do the job, you will get that massage, but you’ll also have the advantage of having a beautiful woman to interact with on a more personal level. Sure, she will tend to your aching muscles and take care of any kinks in your body. But, she’s also there to give you companionship. She wants to know more about you and what makes you tick. She’s up for going out on the town and showing you off to others out there with you. She’s there to cuddle, kiss, and caress. Your massage is much, much, more than relaxation and muscle kneading!