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Tips To Avoid The Hustle At Strip Clubs

You decided you want to head out to a strip club for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t been to one in quite a while, or if you haven’t been to one at all, knowing how to act while in the establishment is a must. It is very easy to get caught up in the glamour and glitz in a strip club, and just as easy to get hustled because of distractions. Here are some tips that will help you avoid becoming a victim of this sort during your excursion.

Avoid VIP Rooms Altogether

Sure it’s pretty enticing to have a private moment with a sexy woman in a strip club, but the price you will pay for a few moments of your time isn’t worth the price tag or aggravation you’ll feel if you are paired with a master of the hustle. Strippers are taught to hustle clients. They know how to make you feel as if you need to fork over more money for some more time with them. If you indicate you’d like VIP treatment, you’ll be expected to pay like one as well. Get your lapdances out in the main viewing area. Who cares if there are other guys around. Maybe you’ll tempt them into purchasing their own time with a stripper.

Forego The Alcoholic Beverages

Most guys like to relax with a few beers or cocktails when they head out to a strip club. Make sure to set a limit on how much you plan to consume and stick to this plan. If you start slugging down drinks, you’ll be more apt to part with your cash. Your inhibitions will not be as sharp and you might find yourself forking over the wrong denominations as tips to the girls you view. Don’t take the risk.

Bring Along Your Own Sexy Number

One sure-fire way to avoid being hustled at a strip club is to have your own beautiful woman by your side. Some strippers will still sidle up to you and try to get your partner involved in the action. Others will back off a bit because they won’t be sure if a female would like their advances or not. It’s a touch and go situation for the girls doing the stripping. They’ll try their best to get you to show them attention in the form of money, but they might not be as persuasive if you have a woman to help you say no when it is needed. Plus, why would you want to pay for lap dances from strippers when you have your own sexy woman to give you one?

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