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Summer In Vegas Means European (Topless) Pool Parties

Whether you live in or nearby Vegas or are just visiting this summer, you undoubtedly want to enjoy some of the amenities the city has to offer. One fabulous activity people forget about, is European pool partying. Vegas is known for its party atmosphere and boasts many nightclubs and casinos…but partying can continue during the daytime hours as well. Here are some advantages you’ll experience if you decide to visit a “top optional” pool in Vegas.

Beautiful Women Around Every Corner

The male to female ratio is pretty even, or slightly in men’s favor at most of the pools where the topless option is available. In addition to striking women relaxing to get an even tan, you have the benefit of gorgeous waitresses available to get you beverages or snacks when you desire. Lay back and feast your eyes on the abundant curves all around you! If you want to have an available woman by your side at all times, reach out to us and select one of our stunning escorts to bring along. She’ll give the others a run for their money as she’ll be just as or even more beautiful. The best part is she is there for you to gaze your eyes upon whenever you wish.

Partying With A Laid Back Atmosphere

Each of the topless pools in Vegas comes with its own atmosphere. The Bare Pool Lounge is one of the first European pools in the area, making it one of the most popular with tourists and travelers alike. The Cosmopolitan has the exciting Marquee day club for those who want to witness topless bathing on weekdays. Moorea Beach Club is located with Mandalay Bay, hosting those who wish to bask in the sun without restrictive clothing in the way and for those who want to get away from the hubbub of other pools within the resort. The Naked Pool within the Artisan Hotel Boutique is known for its quaint style.

Plenty Of Opportunities For Comfort

Most pools in the area are small in nature. This gives it a relaxing aura rather than one where there are too many areas to frequent within the pool complex. It also gives you the opportunity for striking up conversations a bit easier as you will be hanging out with a smaller group of people than if you went to a larger pool area. In addition to this relaxing feature, many of the European pools in Vegas have ample seating available, however, you may need to make a minimum purchase in food or beverage to use them. Daybeds, cabanas, and regular lawn chairs are available in most locations. If you are bringing someone along, or if you worry about seeing someone you know while visiting a European pool area, there is a strict no-camera policy in place at all establishments. Be yourself and do not fret about your image being captured as you check out the luscious ladies in the area!